SETTE NERO MOTORCYCLESB.M.W. R100T “Manta” (English Version)

It was with immense pleasure that we met with Andrea Felice, the creator of  SETTE NERO MOTORCYCLES in an overcast (…even in August) London.

The pleasure derived from our interesting meeting was even greater when, following the discussion we had with him (soon to follow in a separate article), we were given the opportunity of a brief ride on the first creation of  SETTE NERO MOTORCYCLES, the B.M.W. R100T “MANTA”.


The foundation for this first creation is an R100T, as only the frame and engine (externally) have remained as they were produced by B.M.W. at the end of the 70s (in total 5,463 bikes were manufactured from 1978 to 1980).

To list the modifications from the start, and starting from the front end, another B.M.W. – a K75 – contributed the 41mm stanchions and Brembo braking system. The alloy rims were replaced with new spoked wheels, smaller by one inch both front and rear, 18” (rather than 19”) and 17” (instead of 18”) respectively aiming at a lighter build sensation as well as more tire options.


A carbon fiber headlight casing with built-in indication lights and a diminutive speedo mix in a more modern streak to the front end of the “Manta” which is complemented by clip-on bars and a custom made front fender.

What really turns heads on the SETTE NERO bike though is the handmade fuel tank which originates via way of modification from Heinrich Endurance. The tank creates the perfect angles for the rider’s knees to slot in, especially in combination with the billet alloy rear sets. The harmony provided allows the eyes to feast on the single fully adjustable SHOWA rear shock which is connected to the main central frame and to a custom made swingarm on the other end above and rear of the B.M.W. flat twin-2valve boxer engine.


The engine was overhauled completely as was the gear box by Jim Cray Engineering and installed with new Siebenrock pistons, electronic ignition and two sparks per cylinder, thus providing, in reality, a brand new engine for the R100T “Manta”, which functions harmoniously with two new Dellorto 40mm carbs, K&N filters and a custom made 2 into 1 stainless steel exhaust system capped by a Supertrapp muffler.


Indiscrete cover has filled in the area where the air filter housing used to be and the battery has been repositioned under the engine, housed in an aluminium cover, both for aesthetic reasons and aiming at lowering the centre of gravity.

The original B.M.W. frame is one of the few elements which the SETTE NERO MOTORCYCLES team has not modified. However, the sub-frame is a custom job which has been welded to the main frame to accommodate the seat as well as to provide room for the rear SHOWA shock.


Andrea Felice, a great guy whom we now consider a friend, the mastermind behind SETTE NERO MOTORCYCLES with the beautiful Cafe Racer which we had the opportunity to see and ride, will, as of today, be among Belgian custom bike fans at the Cosmic Nozems Motor Show in Transo Zwevegem in Belgium.

More about Andrea Felice and SETTE NERO MOTORCYCLES from CafeRacerCult soon…



Reporting from London: Dimitrios (Rocker) Svoronos

Photos: Dimitrios (Rocker) Svoronos
Text: Leonidas Politis
English Translation: Nicholas Kypriotis 

SETTE NERO MOTORCYCLES – B.M.W. R100T “Manta” (Greek Version)