Suzuki INAZUMA 250 Custom – Suzuki Moto Greece collaboration with Adrenaline Junkies Workshop (English Version)

Suzuki Moto Greece Custom Project #1Suzuki INAZUMA 250 Recursion Project

With a view to the explosion of the custom scene in the recent years and following the worldwide trend of motorcycles with “unique personalities”, for the first time in Greece, Suzuki Moto Greece in cooperation with the Salonica-based custom-builders Adrenaline Junkies Workshop presented the Suzuki INAZUMA 250 Custom at its stand at the Scooter Moto Festival 2015 in Athens.

Suzuki Moto Greece’s cooperation with Greek custom builders aimed at the transformation of a new model was put into motion during a realistically difficult year for both the Greek economy as well as the motorcycle market. Furthermore, it took place following several years of absence of the Greek Suzuki distributor from relevant events.

In mid-February 2015 a carton with the Suzuki logo was unloaded at the Salonica suburb of Oraiokastro, at the Adrenaline Junkies headquarters. The cargo was a brand new Suzuki GW 250 INAZUMA. The goal was to transform the somewhat pedestrian INAZUMA into a motorcycle that would in no way remind anyone of the GW 250 assembly-line product.

Inspired by the Suzuki “Recursion” Turbo Concept which was presented for the first time at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, the transformation was not destined to be an easy task for the Adrenaline Junkies.

The difficulty factor of the build was raised even further by the limits and restrictions laid down by Suzuki Moto Greece: use as many parts and components as possible from other existing Suzuki models, modify nothing at all and to be able to be returned to stock form. Last but not least, the deadline for completion was mid-May at the latest.

We believe that such a build should be accompanied by a related soundtrack so as to provide further inspiration and keep the momentum going. The most fitting tune would be from the Japanese rockabilly/punk group INAZUMA. In the recent years they have been performing out of California, USA and their music has been aptly christened as Samurai Rock’n’Roll.

Therefore, with a Samurai headband on but with the Japanese-like serenity, dedication and level-headedness required for such a project, the Adrenaline Junkies started by stripping the INAZUMA of the parts and components that would become redundant for the project – but necessary in order to return the bike to stock condition. These parts were disassembled with care and boxed for future use.

With the INAZUMA rid of excess weight and the plans, due to the “Recursion Project” ready for the transformation, the start was made from the front of the bike with a newly-fabricated bolt-on support for a round headlight (including 3 small hi-tech projector lights). This was followed by the fairing and windscreen borrowed from a Suzuki Bandit 600 and the stock instrument panel. All components were installed in such a meticulous way that it appeared as if the result was a factory-produced end product.

A front fender, donated by a Suzuki Bandit 400, this time, replaced the bulky and somewhat shapeless stock one. New adjustable aftermarket clip-ons were installed on the lowered fork steering stem thus improving the riding position. A hand-made bolt-on aluminium based seat and seat end, draped and finished in alcantara and vinyl, incorporating the stock tail light totally transformed the bike.

Dressed in new clothes, the Suzuki INAZUMA had covered most of the distance to the final goal. However, it was imperative that the everyday ease of use that characterizes the INAZUMA was not lost, making the most of the flexible and frugal liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine.

The guidelines of the INAZUMA “Recursion Project” did however dictate small but meaningful modifications that would result in aesthetically pleasing and functional results.

The first change to the 250cc liquid-cooled powerplant, mainly for appearance reasons, had to do with the engine coolant overflow tank (taken from an XTZ750, as it was smaller) which relocated and hidden away under the right side of the hand-made seat.

The second and most noticeable change was to the replacement of the bulky stock exhaust mufflers. A pair of Yoshimura Tri-Oval slip-ons were clamped onto hand-built exhausts – made by the Adrenaline Junkies close collaborators A.J. (Aesthetic Artek). It is worth mentioning that the Yoshi’ mufflers were intended for mopeds and designed to be used on the right side of a bike only! Therefore, necessary modifications were made.

At the end of April, the same carton that was unloaded in Salonica in February was unloaded at the Suzuki Moto Greece facilities. It now contained the exhibition-ready Suzuki INAZUMA 250 “Recursion Project”, destined to be introduced at the 2015 Scooter Moto Festival.

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Photos: Mike Lazaridis
Text: Leonidas Politis
English Translation: Nicholas (Mileclocker) Kypriotis

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Suzuki INAZUMA 250 Custom – Suzuki Moto Greece collaboration with Adrenaline Junkies Workshop (Greek Version)