Bandisca – HondaVF 750C “Furiosa” (English Version)

The foundation for Bandisca’s new project, a Honda VF 750C, was certainly not one of their favorites nor did they believe it would suit their style.

However, as Alfonso Lopez (Bandisca’s founder) said “if you could meet my friend and the owner of the specific VF, Tiberiu, I don’t think you would refuse to do it either”.

Therefore, we must believe that the arguments for Alf were sufficient in favour of transforming the VF and the project set off. Besides a fruitless search of the internet, which came up with nothing more than one example built by Overbold, the whole inspiration came from the new Mad Max movie, Fury Road.


The post-apocalyptic scenery and the Mad Max movie aura was sufficient to provide the required boost – and also inspire the name of the project Honda VF 750C “Furiosa, from the character played in the film by Charlize Theron..

With the foundation of the project laid out, further attention was given to the owners’ real needs and how they could be satisfied while simultaneously ending up with an aesthetically pleasing result.

So, the “Furiosa” had to be reliable, cover long distances, carry rider, pillion and luggage… in style!

Following the tearing down of the original bike, a good foundation was revealed for a custom build to be created in accordance with the requirements of all involved.

The first difficulty faced with success was the weight of the VF, partially solved by the removal of unwanted components, and its size: any bike 2,5m long would be a challenge just to be put on a work platform.


Rust also turned out to be a real pain as it appeared as if the VF had been moored in a harbor rather than housed in storage.

First of all, the 90º V-4 power plant had to be removed, placed on the bench and overhauled so as to live up to the reliability expectations of carrying two people and luggage around. The engine is a direct descendant of the VFR750 with few differences, such as the connecting rod, the 5-speed transmission and smaller carbs.


The afore-mentioned rust was a troubling factor that hindered the removal of the engine. Three of the engine mounts were well and truly fused and took a lot to remove.

The rust-ridden old seat and rear carrier were replaced with entirely new custom-designed ones along with a new custom sub-frame. Likewise, the swingarm was repaired and together with the rims were powder-coated and made ready to become part of the creation.


Next up was the fuel tank which was sandblasted down to the raw metal, clear-varnished and placed back together with a handmade aluminium front fender accompanied by the fully overhauled front forks.

A fabricated headlight designed along the lines of the Mad Max inspiration was installed along with a triplet of instruments on the “Furiosa”.

New handlebar mounts, a fat-bar handlebar with bar-end mirrors placed the finishing touches of what the beholder would see.


The 90º V-4 engine was painted in matt black as were the engine covers and the cylinder heads. The 4-into-4 exhaust, now replaced with a 4-into-2 (one on each side). The wiring posed a particular challenge and was the sole factor that threatened the project’s meticulously laid-out time plan.


The “Furiosa” was now ready to hit the streets, unrecognizable (and way lighter) in comparison to the beast that entered Bandisca’s workshop. As Alf put it: “The fabrication of the Furiosa was a challenge for us and I am extremely happy with the result. She is beautiful, fast, easy to drive and the driving position is more than comfortable. Mission accomplished”.

She is surely ready to travel to a safe environment called the “Green Place” as Charlize Theron did as “Imperator Furiosa” in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Photos: Mihaela Lopez Photography
Text: Leonidas Politis

English Translation: Nicholas (Mileclocker) Kypriotis

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Bandisca – HondaVF 750C “Furiosa” (Greek Version)